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Ordering Instructions


Selecting an Item

1.    Select a category from the list on left by clicking it.

2.    Select a sub-category.  The items of that category will appear.

3.    Select desired item by clicking it. The specified item will appear.

4.    Enter desired quantity.

5.    Select all product specifics in all drop-down windows (item color, size, logo, etc.)

6.    To proceed with your purchase, add it to the shopping cart by clicking the "Buy" icon at the top of the page.

7.    Continue these steps until you have finished shopping.


The Shopping Cart

1.    You are taken to an itemized view of your shopping cart.  You have the opportunity to view your selection, modify or remove if necessary and continue shopping for additional items if necessary.

2.    You will now be able to verify the information added.

3.    Note that any additional charges (i.e. freight) will be added to your total at a later time.

4.    Click on Continue Shopping, Recalculate Total or Checkout.


Bill to/Ship to

1.     Enter all pertinent billing information.

2.     Be sure to enter shipping information, if different than the bill to information.if not leave the right column blank.  Be sure to specify the shipping location as business or residence. (NOTE:  FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box.  Your ship to address must be a street address)

3.   Enter any other special instructions not covered in your order in the Miscellaneous instructions box.

4.     Once this is all completed, continue checking out by clicking the "Now le't proof read what you ordered" icon at the bottom of the page.


Continuing to Check Out

1.       Double-check your order. Confirm your order, shipping address, and billing address are correct. If incorrect, please make changes and proceed with check-out.

2.        If you have a gift certificate:

a. Enter the code from the electronic gift certificate in the appropriate field and click on "Process Gift Certificate." The value of the gift certificate will be deducted from the total amount due in the right column.

b. If your total purchases exceeds the amount of your gift certificate, click on "Pay with Credit Card" and enter your credit card information. Click on "Send Card Information Encrypted", which will process your order and you will receive a confirmation email.

c. If you do not have a balance, click on "Payment by Company Account/Purchase Order." This will submit your order and you will receive a confirmation email.

3. If you are paying by credit card:

a.       Click on "Pay with Credit Card" and enter your credit card information in the appropriate fields.

b.      Once your information is entered, click on "Send Card Information Encrypted" which will process your order and you will receive a confirmation email.


 Gift Certificate/Gift Card Purchases

1.       When asked to enter your Gift Certificate code, enter the Code from the electronic certificate from the email.

2.       If your total purchase exceeds the amount of your gift certificate/gift card, also select "Pay with Credit Card" icon. 


Order Confirmation

At this point, your online order is complete and you are given an order confirmation.  Print this confirmation for your records, as you will not have access to this page again.  This is confirming an order has been sent to Identity Marketing. (You will also receive an email once your order has been submitted.)

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